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About Us

Presentation of the Fair Trophy for Best Freefrom Product

Most of us love cakes and many of us know that we shouldn’t eat too many of them if we want to maintain a healthy diet. Our original aim was to provide customers with cakes that contained as nutritious ingredients as possible. We already knew that unrefined (and preferably organic) ingredients were essential, and, when we discovered through our research that many health-conscious people were choosing freefrom ingredients, like brown rice flour, despite having no allergy to wheat, we knew that this was the best path to choose. So, developing what we, and our many regular customers, consider to be the best-tasting freefrom cakes on the market we manage to satisfy those with food allergies as well as those who choose freefrom ingredients for their higher nutritional benefits.

We knew our recipes were great when, after only a year in business, we won overall prize in the 2009 Freefrom Food Awards with our gluten and dairy-free Carrot and Raisin Cake – recognition that were were well and truly on the right path!

Since then the same cake also got a gold star at last year’s Great Taste Awards in the ‘regular’ category (so it was up against wheat and dairy-laden rivals). All cakes are gluten-free and dairy-free as Standard. We also offer vegan (egg-free and no animal products) versions of all our cakes, and cakes with no-added sugar. We use agave nectar and/or Xylitol as sugar replacements. Our no-added sugar iced chocolate fudge cake has been a huge hit for years. However, until recently, we didn’t have a replacement icing for the traditional creamy ‘buttercream icing’, the type that you could use to cover the top of a vanilla sponge cake made with agave nectar or swirl around the top of a vanilla muffin. But now we do! A clever combination of ingredients allows us to offer this unique topping, free of added sugar, that looks like the real thing, and tastes just as good (if not better)! We continue to develop new recipes and ideas and are very grateful to our customers for their support and positive encouragement.