Oprah bans cake due to new vegan diet

Oprah Winfrey undertakes vegan diet experiment for the second time- maybe she would stick to it for longer if she knew treats like cake were available in suitable forms, such as vegan cakes and free from cakes.  

Last week on the well known and loved Oprah Winfrey Show, chat show host Oprah and 378 members of HARPO (Human and Animal Research Protections Office) staff started a one week vegan challenge.  This involves them eating a diet completely free from meat and all foods containing animal products, such as mayonnaise, honey, cake and dairy products for a full seven days.

This isn’t the first time Oprah has undertaken a vegan diet. She first went vegan when she read Kathy Freston’s book Quantum Wellness three years ago, when she stuck to the free-from vegan diet for three weeks.

Oprah reverted back to eating a carnivore diet once the three weeks were up, but still deemed the dietary experiment a success.  During her stint as a vegan she told the press “I’m eating a far more plant-based diet,” and eating “Less processed food.”

While a vegan diet is often considered healthier than one that contains animal products, and is far better for the environment too, many people are put off of trying to eat vegan because of the strict dietary rules.

Most people think that eating a vegan diet involves hours of cooking bland meals from scratch made from lentils, brown rice and vegetables. They also quite often think sweet treats such as cake are most certainly off limits.  However, as the vegan diet has increased in popularity it seems that the food industry has finally caught up with the demand for free from food items.

Although most know they can easily find alternatives for staple food items such as milk, they don’t know that it’s also much easier than ever before to find free from cakes too.  So now it is possible to occasionally indulge your sweet tooth thanks to the creation of vegan cakes- meaning that the vegan diet is no longer radically different to the carnivore one. So with just a few slight tweaks to your diet you too can improve your health, and do your bit for the planet- just like Oprah!

PETA persuades people to go vegan- dairy free cakes can help to make the transition from a traditional diet to a vegan one much easier                

PETA arranged stunts to persuade people to go vegan. Free from cakes and healthy cakes such as vegan cakes, dairy free cakes and vegan birthday cakes can help you to make the change to a vegan diet.         

In Los Angeles a man crashed his car after catching sight of the latest PETA protest; two women having a naked shower in the middle of the street. The two models were carrying out the protest in order to encourage people to switch to a vegan diet in order to save water.

Passersby had stopped to gather around the two topless women in their make shift shower, as the man drove past and lost control of his vehicle the moment he caught sight of the two models frolicking in the soapy water. An American news channel were there at the scene the moment the man crashed into the side of a pick up truck- however thankfully there were no injuries.

PETA, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had arranged the publicity stunt to raise awareness of World Water Day. They hoped to highlight the fact that if you eat one pound less of meat, the people living in America could save enough water to supply half a years worth of showers.

Similar protests also took place in London’s Trafalgar Square where two Playboy models blew soap suds at the predominantly male crowd while they shared a bubble bath. On the side of the bath was a sign which read ‘50 baths=1 steak, Clean your conscience, Go vegan’  

While many think making the transition from eating a traditional diet to a vegan one which excludes meat and all animal products is difficult to do, free from foods can help to make this somewhat easier to do.

With people increasingly choosing a vegan diet, be it to improve their health or for environmental reasons, food outlets have begun to produce foods which would previously have been prohibited from the vegan diet. These free from foods, such as healthy cakes and free from cakes including dairy free cakes, vegan cakes and even vegan birthday cakes can help you to make the transition from a traditional diet to a vegan one much easier. 



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