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Party and cake were fantastic. Thanks for suggesting the carrot and raisin, it's definitely worth its winning title.
Thanks again - Donna

Just to say the chocolate cake was heaven in a box.
Regards - Yee

We received the gluten-free chocolate cupcakes safely and are cheerfully scoffing them now. They are absolutely DELICIOUS! Thank you so much - they're little choco-bombs
Leslie - The One Show, BBC

We were delighted with the cake. My mum said she has never tasted such a moist and rich wheat and gluten free cake. Really delicious, thank you so much.
Best wishes
Sophie J

Thank you so much for a delicious gluten-free cake last weekend. I attach some pictures for you to see it in action! I've had lots of people come back to me saying how good it was and it's certainly the tastiest one I've ever had and - being a chocoholic - I've tried everything I've come across so far...
Lucinda M-B

The cake arrived on time and in one piece!
You make a fantastic cake. Got to admit I was not expecting a gluten free cake to taste very nice but it did, enjoyed by all.
Thanks again,
Kerry C

It was the nicest wheat free cake that I've tasted to date.
Thanks very much, I will definitely be using you in the future.
Kind Regards
Marcia K

The cake and muffins were amazingly delicious! Thank you!
I've already recommended you to a friend.
Best Wishes
Diane S

The cake was most delicious! It was fabulously chocolately yet sugar-free, and my friends and I enjoyed a lot.
Thanks very much,
Charlotte H

Just wanted to say we received the cakes today and they are truly the best cakes I have tasted.
Thanks so much
Leyanne R

The vegan cupcakes were fantastic, they really did go down well.
I was really impressed. And the chocolate taste was very very good.
Darren C

Thank you - it managed the impossible of satisfying the diabetics, dieters and picky eaters while being completely delicious. I'll definitely be ordering again.
Many thanks
Swyrie C

It was much appreciated and incredibly rich. A small person was ecstatic and smothered in it and has tiny portions frozen for treats.
Maggie W

The chocolate vegan birthday cake was absolutely brilliant thank you. A huge success.
Thanks again
Yasmin N

Thank you so much for the cakes, they were delicious.
Warm regards
Rita M

Thank you very much for the fantastic cake, it was a total success with lots of guests asking about it. May I suggest in the future you include some business cards so people can take home your contact details.
Best wishes
Marcelo F

The egg-free cupcakes are delicious! We are very pleased.
Katie S

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